28 Reasons To Use Systemic Enzymes


After The Age Of 27 Years Old

 The word systemic means body wide. Systemic enzymes are those that operate, not just for digestion, but throughout your body in every system and organ. But let's take first things first, what is an enzyme? 

An enzyme is a biocatalyst - something that makes something else work or work faster. Chemical reactions are generally slow things, enzymes speed them up. Without enzymes, the chemical reactions that make up our life would be too slow for life as we know it. (As slow as sap running down a tree in winter). For life to manifest, as we know it, enzymes are essential to speed up the reactions. We have roughly 3000 enzymes in our bodies and over 7000 enzymic reactions. Most of these enzymes are derived or created from what we think of as the protein digesting enzymes. But while digestion is an important part of what enzymes do, it's almost the absolute last function.  

"Enzymes don't only help the sick, they help everyone. If you're over the age of 27, your body is no longer producing the amount of enzymes that it needs to run smoothly and because of that fact, it's around this time that things start falling apart. We're here to try to help you put it back together."  

The following are reported benefits from systemic enzymes, including blends with large quantities of protein eating (proteolytic) enzymes. 


1.      An anti-inflammatory alternative to over-the-counter pain killers

2.      Reduces liver toxins

3.      Reduces joint (arthritis) and muscle inflammation

4.      Lowers inflammation by removing toxins and debris in the circulatory system

5.      Increases penile functionality

6.      Reduces the effects of Sjogren's syndrome


7.      Fights the aging process by removal of fiber buildup

8.      Reduces Fibromyalgia by reduction and removal of fiber buildup

9.      Reduces Endometriosis by removal of fiber buildup

10.  Reduces Uterine Fibroid Tumors by removal of fiber buildup

11.  Reduces Pulmonary Fibrosis by removal of fiber buildup

12.  Reduces Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

13.  Reduces thickening of the blood (fibrin deposits), increasing circulation

14.  Helps unclog the microcirculation system, increasing circulation

15.  Reduces spider veins and wrinkles

16.  Reduces formation of scar tissue

17.  Reduces post-operative scar tissue, increases healing capabilities

Immune System

18.  Works to balance the entire body synergy

19.  Helps prevent the rejection of transplanted and health-restoring organs and tissues

20.  Helps modulate the cell-signaling pathway that triggers immune activation

Blood Contamination

21.  Reduces clogging of the microcirculation system

22.  Improves detoxification of the blood

23.  Improves the condition of white blood cells

24.  Improves the absorption of vitamin and mineral supplements

25.  Improves homeostasis


26.  Helps internal filters clean the circulation system

27.  Improves anti-viral, kills the virus

28.  Lowers viral loading





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