How Digestive Enzymes can Promote

Good Mental Health

Few people might be aware of the importance of the body's enzyme health. As you have probably learned from your previous readings, enzymes are basically responsible for all the functions of every component in the human body- and to be more accurate, every living organism.  

Enzymes are involved in the composition of every cell consisting the human body. Enzymes are also involved in the functioning of every organ that sustains the human body. And most of all, enzymes are responsible for the break down, absorption, and distribution of nutrients from food to every part of the human body. Suffice it to say, without enzymes, life would be non-existent. 

Moreover, every enzyme performs a single specific task. There is no enzyme capable of performing several tasks. This is so in order for each enzyme to perform its task efficiently. And there are over 2,300 enzymes that have already been identified, although there are still more to be discovered.

Hormones are basically triggered by enzymes. More accurately, the complex chemical reactions in the body are facilitated by enzymes. These enzymes work round the clock to maintain the normal flow of all the chemical reactions in our body.  

That point taken, it would be then logical that if there is a deficiency of a particular enzyme in the body, there is bound to be a progressive effect on the body physically, mentally, and emotionally. Upon birth, the human body produces all the necessary enzymes to support the infant in its new environment. However, as the infant grows and learns to survive on its own by eating food, the body's production of enzymes also decreases. The body's ability to produce only the necessary amount is called enzyme potential. 

The human body has its own clock and typically timely changes should occur. However, an individual's enzyme potential is dictated by the genes he inherits from his parents. There are those who are blessed with great potential, yet there are those who have weak potential. And for years, alternative medicine practitioners and even conventional medicine practitioners have used enzyme supplementation to address the medical conditions resulting from having weak enzyme potential.  

Chemical reactions occur in every part of the human body. Brain chemistry is by far the most critical for it can affect every single part of the body. And when there is a deficiency in the enzymes that run a particular chemical reaction, what do you think would happen? 

You see, abnormal brain chemistry can absolutely lead to mental problems. But what can cause the abnormal brain chemistry? The answer is poor nutrition and enzyme deficiency. With the insufficient supply of enzymes to break down proteins, fat, carbohydrates, and fiber that get into the body, the distribution, absorption, and elimination of the wastes or toxins are not properly performed, thus causing problems.

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