How to Counter Metabolic Enzyme Deficiency

With all the talk about digestive enzymes, one might neglect to the importance of metabolic enzymes. Again, the enzymes in the human body are divided into three major categories: the metabolic, digestive, and food enzymes. And as you may recall, enzymes are assigned with specific tasks. Therefore, whatever the tasks of the various metabolic enzymes are, these cannot be undertaken by digestive enzymes. 

Metabolic enzymes are the enzymes that make everything function. Examples of these enzymes are the brain enzyme and the liver enzyme. They are responsible for synthesizing all chemical reactions that occur in within the body, whereas digestive enzymes are responsible for the break down and absorption of food that are fuels the body. 

Unlike digestive enzymes, metabolic enzymes cannot be supplemented. Metabolic enzymes need to be produced by the body itself, whereas digestive enzymes can be introduced into the body all day long through eating food and taking digestive enzyme supplements. 

And just as digestive enzymes are crucial for nutrition, metabolic enzymes are crucial in maintaining the natural and normal functioning of all the organs and glands in the body. Deficiency of these enzymes is a likely cause of genetic problems. This is because the lack of brain enzymes weakens the overall functioning capacity of the body. And some will assume that by taking supplemental digestive enzymes the condition may be helped. And although this theory can help, it must be understood, however, that digestive enzymes do not assume the tasks performed by metabolic or brain enzymes. 

Again, enzymes are very specific in their tasks and the effects they produce. And while we cannot supplement our body with metabolic enzymes, we can however, provide the raw materials and energy necessary for the production of enzymes. By eating nutritious foods and taking supplemental digestive enzymes, we are able to efficiently supply our body with the amino acids and the enzyme co-factors needed to produce enzymes.  

Enzymes are basically composed of amino acids. The co-factors are responsible for synthesizing the amino acids into the essential enzymes. Co-factors are usually minerals such as magnesium and zinc. These essential ingredients or components can be derived from food. But since our body may need more than what our diet can provide, we can take supplements that contain good amounts of amino acids and minerals. 

Taking supplemental digestive enzymes also lessens the body's need to produce the said enzyme, and thus optimizing the production of metabolic enzymes. In addition, there have been no known side effects in taking enzyme supplements. So you see, there are a lot of benefits that can be reaped from taking supplemental digestive enzymes.


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