In Japan, This Systemic Enzyme Is

Registered Anti-Inflammatory Medicine  

You have experienced inflammation at some time in your life, whether it was the soreness of tonsillitis or the redness and swelling around a cut or graze while it healed. Your mother probably told you not to scratch the graze as the itching was caused by the healing process.  

Inflammation is one of nature’s tools used to heal the body. The raised temperature is a sign that the white blood cells are doing their work, reducing infection and repairing tissues.

But you might also have taken anti-inflammatory medicine, to reduce that sore throat or relieve the pain of an arthritic joint. You might have been warned that taking this medicine for too long might irritate your stomach, for there is often a trade-off, bad for good, in treatment. Because of this, research into anti-inflammatory drugs is active. They are needed for a lot of different conditions, but their side-effects are not. Even aspirin, the oldest anti-inflammatory drug can aggravate a stomach ulcer and has to be used with discretion. 

But today a new family of healing substances are becoming available which do not carry that particular risk and can be used with confidence by almost everybody. These are enzymes, chemicals made by the body, ours and those of other animals, for specific purposes.  As scientists discover them, they tease out of purposes of each enzyme and look for new applications. 

Systemic enzymes are taken by mouth and absorbed into the blood-stream, which carries them to the sites where they are needed. You might be aware of the pain in an arthritic hip and this is where the enzyme will reach, reducing the inflammation and the pain. But you might not be aware of slight inflammation in an artery serving your heart. This is one of the silent killers, often only discovered after a heart attack. The enzyme you have swallowed for your hip pain, will also tackle the artery problem, reducing the inflammation and improving the cardiac blood flow.  

While you are aware of the potential side effects of taking common anti-inflammatory drugs, even aspirin, you need not worry about adverse effects of systemic enzymes. There is no evidence of any deleterious effects. But there are some contra-indications. You should not take this product without the consent of your physician if you are currently taking anti-coagulants, commonly known as blood thinners.





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