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Some people may still be unaware, but enzymes are vital to life. In fact, without enzymes we wouldn't be able to breathe, think, swallow, or digest food. To perform all these, the human body needs enzymes. Enzymes are responsible for the construction, synthesis, distribution, and elimination of the various chemicals and substances for the existence of an organism. They are catalysts. Meaning, they can speed up a chemical reaction without being changed. 

So, if you can imagine, there are probably thousands of enzymes within the human body, and you are right. In order for enzymes to perform well and at its maximum, each enzyme is assigned with only one task. This is so, so that one enzyme does not have to divide its time and effort performing various tasks. Instead, there are numerous enzymes in order for each to efficiently perform a specific task. This is nature's way of being efficient.  

So, there are actually enzymes responsible for helping the body function, referred to as metabolic enzymes. They are necessary for cell growth, repair, and maintenance. And, there are enzymes that help break down, absorb, and distribute nutrients all throughout the body, which is referred to as digestive enzymes. Also, there are enzymes that the body is unable to produce but just as essential as the ones the body naturally produce. These are called food enzymes, and are solely derived from raw fruits, vegetables, and supplemental sources. 

Now, if the body is low on enzymes, diseases and disorders can occur. When there is an imbalance of the enzymes, although all the other enzymes are performing their tasks as should, the normal flow of chemical reactions in the body is disrupted. Research has shown that people whose enzyme content has decreased beyond normal become sick or age prematurely. 

Have you ever wondered why people of long ago normally live up to a hundred or over? This is because their diets primarily consisted of raw fruits and vegetables, and fresh meat, whereas today, people die young from diseases such as cancer. If one live up over seventy would almost seem strange or an accomplishment, even.  

The body's health and well-being depends on the nutrients introduced into the body and how well the body absorbs nutrients for its immediate or subsequent disposal. Thus, one's existence depend on the amount of these necessary enzymes are present in the body. However, with modern lifestyle dominated by poor diet, synthetic drugs, and unhealthy habits the amount of enzymes and their ability to perform their tasks efficiently are badly affected. 

Therefore, a change in lifestyle might just extend your life. Start exercising, stop smoking, start eating healthy foods such as lean meat, seafood, and raw fruits and vegetables. And more importantly, take supplemental enzymes. But of course, these change in lifestyle should not be temporary, it should be your standard lifestyle.

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