Serrapeptase Relieves Back and Neck Pains

Pain of any kind generally prevents one from being able to perform his daily tasks and duties accordingly and could even cause emotional strains. Back and neck pains are common concerns. Almost everyone experiences these annoying conditions at some point in their lifetime. Moreover, these pains not only occur once but may actually be chronic, and may recur several times, if not frequently. Low back pain and neck pain are not exactly diseases but symptoms for either minor and major diseases or disorders. This therefore makes diagnosis very important.

Pain is nature’s way of saying that something within your body or system has gone awry. If one is incapable of feeling pain, then it would be difficult to physically detect diseases.  Although back pain and neck pain may seem not much of a concern for some, but for others, back pain and neck pain can be excruciating.

Kidney diseases, appendicitis, bladder and pelvic infections, ovarian disorders are only few of the disease which cause back pains. Low back pain generally starts at the lower part of the back, in the lumbosacral area. The pain may either be confined to the lower back or may spread out from that area down the side, the front, or the back of a person’s leg.  Overtime, the pain may worsen, especially with activity.  Moreover, numbness or weakness may be felt on the leg that receives its nerve supply from a constricted.

Neck pain arises from a number of different conditions, whether serious or minor, and is sometimes referred to as cervical spondylosis. It is generally caused by disorders in any of the structures in the neck area including the nerves, blood vessels, muscles, cervical vertebrae, intervertebral discs, esophagus, trachea, larynx, thyroid gland, lymphatic organs, and parathyroid glands. And just like back pain, neck pain is troublesome. A qualified chiropractic or osteopathic evaluation can actually be helpful in the treatment of back pain and neck pain.

And because back pain and neck pain can ultimately disrupt one’s ability to perform his tasks properly, there are various therapeutic remedies available for use. One such pain reliever is serrapeptase. It is a proteolytic enzyme derived from a substance found inside the intestines of silkworms. This enzyme is responsible for catalyzing the breakdown of the silkworm’s cocoon upon its maturity.

When used in medicine as pain reliever, it has somewhat the same effect. It is able to clear out scar tissues without harming the good tissues and thus clearing inflammation as well.





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