What do Systemic Enzymes do in the Body?

 Are they Safe?

Enzymes are biocatalysts; which means that they either begin a reaction or cause a reaction to speed up. Enzymes cause the chemical reactions responsible for breathing, digestion, growth, reproduction and most other body functions. Your body contains approximately 3,000 different enzymes.

Eating enzyme rich foods, such as fruits and uncooked vegetables helps your body maintain a healthy level of enzymes. With a good supply of enzymes, your body will get more out of the vitamins and minerals you consume.

Vitamins and minerals function within the body in enzymatic reactions. Your body synergistically uses enzymes with vitamins (which are coenzymes) and minerals (which are cofactors). Enzymes help vitamins and minerals to function. At the same time, vitamins and minerals help enzymes to function. As you age, your enzyme levels and activity decrease. Your body makes most of the enzymes you need, but poor diet, illness, injury and other circumstances may cause enzyme depletion.

Combined with professional healthcare, proper diet and exercise, an enzyme supplement can help maintain your normal enzyme levels and balance your body’s repair mechanisms.

5 Systemic Enzyme Benefits

1)      Reduce Inflammation
  • Helps your body repair damaged tissue.

  • Reduces swelling and inflammation, which often alleviates pain, as is often the case in
    patients with arthritis or chronic back pain.

  • A healthy alternative to Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs, such as aspirin and ibuprofen,
    which are known to have ill effects on the liver, kidneys, stomach and intestines.

2)      Guard Against Fibrosis
  • Digests scar tissue.

  • Doctors in Europe and Asia have used enzymes as a therapy for surgical wounds, pulmonary fibrosis, and kidney fibrosis for more than 40 years.

  • Fibrin reduces the function and size of our organs as we age.

3)      Help Maintain a Healthy Immune System
  • Helps modulate your immune function.

  • Reinforces your body’s defense mechanisms and speeds healing.

4)      Promote Healthy Circulation
  • Helps cleanse the blood of toxins and impurities.

  • Aids the liver in filtering toxins out of the body.

5)      Fight Viruses
  • When your immune system attacks viruses, the
    virus is protected by a protein shell. Enzymes can
    eat away at the virus’ protein shell.

Is There Any Reason Why I Shouldn't Use Systemic Enzymes?

Hemophiliacs and those on prescription blood thinners ( such as warfarin ) should not use this or any other systemic enzyme as the enzymes help those drugs to work better and may overly thin the blood.

There is no toxicity from enzymes, they contain no animal derivatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, yeast or gluten. They are also lactose free and contains no harmful talc.





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