Why Enzymes are More Effective than Steroidal or

Non-steroidal Drugs

Researches on the use of enzymes in the treatment of autoimmune diseases have shown positive results without any side effects. Why? Enzymes are basically natural to the human body. After all, every living organism is practically made up of enzymes. Enzymes are responsible for catalyzing or speeding up chemical reactions within the body. They either split up the bonds that join protein molecules together and break them to small pieces for easy absorption, or they help construct new molecules. 

For years, enzymes have been used as an anti-inflammatory agent and pain reliever in European and Asian countries. They have realized the efficient capacity of enzymes in clearing inflammation and in suppressing pain-inducing substances that naturally occur when the body is injured. 

There are many different kinds of enzymes in the human body. And each performs a specific task that generates a specific effect. Thus, different cells require different enzymes to function. And for this, enzymes are categorized into three main types: the metabolic, digestive, and food enzymes. 

There are many various functions that metabolic enzymes perform. However, there is a specific type of metabolic enzyme that catalyzes a particular reaction o a particular cell. But generally, metabolic enzymes are responsible for fuelling the body, repairing damaged and decaying tissues, absorbing oxygen for distribution throughout the body and removing toxins from the body. 

Digestive enzymes on the other hand, break down dietary nutrients from food to keep fat and sugar levels in the body in good balance to prevent the onset of diseases. These enzymes are also responsible for the synthesis of nutrients in the body. Food enzymes are the enzymes that are not naturally produced by the body but nonetheless essential. 

Metabolic and digestive enzymes are capable of breaking down proteins, fats, sugars, fibers, toxins, fibrins, and damaged tissues. Enzymes do not act on healthy living cells. That is why treatments for certain disease using enzymes have not produced any side effects, only positive results.  

Particularly, proteolytic enzymes have shown to be most beneficial in the treatment of many chronic and acute inflammatory conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, sports injuries and trauma. These enzymes are even deemed to be a potential treatment for cancer. How? These enzymes are essential in preventing tissue damage and the formation of fibrins. These enzymes generally eat away damaged tissue and can inhibit the abnormal growth of cells.  

Consequently, with the absence of the decaying tissues and fibrins, the body is then left to heal itself. The immune system of the body is optimized on the process.


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