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If there irregularity in your bowel movement, you know that is no longer normal. Our digestive system suffers from different types conditions, but there is always a way to prevent it. Even natural enzymes in our body can help out with this problem.  

Sometimes, we find ourselves having difficulty expelling the hard wastes we have in our body. Most people suffer from this condition all over the world, so its nothing serious to be worried about. But it doesn't mean we have to ignore the problem. Something worse could happen if you do.  

Constipation is an issue a lot of people face. This is due to poor eating habits, lack of exercise, inadequate fluid intake and not eating enough fiber. This results in having difficulty in defecating, and may even be painful for others. Because the colon usually absorbs a lot of water from the food we eat, it has a tendency in making the feces hard and dry.  

Symptoms include infrequent bowel movements, usually three times a week or less. Having difficulty during bowel movements, especially if it happens 25% of the time, and the feeling that you have not finished what you have been doing.  

This can be uncomfortable, but it is also preventable. Eating right and having a healthy lifestyle is a sure way of avoiding the hassle of straining in the bathroom. But if you still need to adjust your daily habits, there are ways in order for you to stop from getting constipated.  

Eating foods that are rich in potassium like prunes and bananas helps lighten your bowel movement. It also cleans out the walls of your colon that is sometimes littered with mucus and dried fecal matter.  

Building up on your digestive enzymes can also aid in helping prevent this. Enzymes are important to the breaking down of food in your body since it helps out in absorbing nutrients. There are a lot of medicines in the market today that help out in producing natural digestive enzymes. This can relieve a lot of problems in the digestive system and other illnesses as well like Crohn's disease and different parasitic infections.  

Another natural medicine is Aloe. It works outside and inside of your body as well. It is known to have natural laxative chemicals and is proven to be a sure way of getting rid of constipation. But be sure not to use it often.  

Taking laxatives can also help in relieving yourself, but it is advisable to stick to natural remedies like fruits and vegetables. Drinking eight glasses a day, exercising daily, and storing fiber into your body are just the right things to do to keep you healthy. Visiting your doctor regularly can be a plus factor as well.  

So why suffer? Start now by changing your lifestyle. It will make you a much happier person. Trying something new may seem scary at the beginning, but when you do, you won't want to turn back ever again.


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