My swollen arthritic hip pain and immobility vanished with P.P. And here's the big surprise. My inability to speak (of 5 years duration due to Alzheimer’s) Reversed with pain power and  now I converses beautifully. I was shocked and thrilled “ I want to tell the world about Pain Power”
~ Joan S, MA

“My carpal tunnel and all my aches are, GOING AND, just before 50th birthday! Now thanks to P.P. - I don't feel so old."
~ Dean L, Hawaii

A severe accident left me with a broken shoulder and collar bone; plus leg and muscle tears and trauma. P.P. Brought about a super speedy and healing. He says, “It's fantastic! My doctor was amazed at such a fast recovery.”
~ Reggie R, Nebraska

Hi My name is Maha and I am a yoga teacher. Upsettingly, for one year, I had been incapacitated due to a severe, debilitating knee injury within two days Pain Power brought me back to life and teaching and doing yoga again Pain Power is a live saver.
~ Maha, Hawaii

“ Now I can bend my knees, squat, walk, everything- and TEACH AGAIN!
I can sleep without pain – after a whole year when nothing had worked – not eve glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM. P.P. Is a miracle”

~ Will F, Utah

I had double vision, no equilibrium, headaches, inflammation throughout my body due to a tumor pressing against my pituitary gland and necrotic tissue in the area. All this suffering dramatically reduced in a few days because of ever vigilant and versatile Pain Power.
~ Rebecca, New Jersey

“Terrible leg pain was ruining my life”, It’s completely gone with Pan Power!”
~ Sienna S, Florida

I was diagnosed with an auto immune inflammatory disease years ago. I no longer suffer from its debilitating effects. New blood tests showed “ No inflammation! Doc was in shock “You have NO INFLAMMATION”,  YOU HAVE NONE! Why?” “Pain Power”- said Mona with a smile.
~ Mona J, Hawaii

“My pain is a 12. Now it’s a 3. I can walk now for 2 or 3 miles”. Drugs for (vytorin) made him sick. “I was desperate. They wanted to operate on my Achilles tendon. No surgery, no meds – Pain Power did it. I'm great now!”
~ Pete R, Ireland

“Wife says, for years my husband's hand was so swollen, he couldn't make a fist. Now on Pain Power – he makes a fist all the time! (Important note: Wife – do not withhold P.P. - just so your husband never makes a fist.)
~ Rick J,  Washington

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